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IDC, relying on domestic resource and international supports work to achieve the following goals:

  • Product and service diversification, manufactured and provied domesticly and specialized

  • Extensive coverage to all cities in Iran, facilitating all patients with the same access to wide range of devices and medicines as well as professional level of services

  • Providing complete range of products and services in a single package for dialysis patients, including dialyzers, consumable devices, dialysis machines, and technical and clinical services

  • Increasing the quality of treatments at a reduced cost

  • and finally Increasing patient satisfaction 



Iran Dialysis Consortia (IDC) comprised of 4 company members, Meditechsys Co., Pharmed Medical Industries, NixxaMed Co., and SMARRT, is focused on providing complete range of products and services in a single package for dialysis treatment. 

Some members however, extend their scope of services and products beyond the Dialysis. NixxaMed for example is a member company of IDC and has two core area of business. One is "Advanced Machinary" (currently focus on Dialysis machines)  and second is "Specialized  Pharmaceutical Drugs", beyond Dialysis, (currently focused on Transplant, CKD and Anemia, Thalassemia, Cancer , ...)  

IDC members, under direction of single board of directors aim to enhance the quality and veriaty of products, reduce the cost of treatments, present a highly advanced service profile and promote a strong competitive environment in Iran dialysis market, and as the result increase the patient satisfaction level in Iran.

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