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Chief Executive Officer of Pharmed Medical Industry, a member company of "Iran Dialysis Consortia", announced the opening of new facilities in the third phase of development of Consortia in July 2012, with space of 5000 square meters of building and 2000 square meters of clean-room area. New facilities are comprised of 5 independent production lines and construction begun in May 2009.

Pharmed Medical Industries, located in Eshtehard industrial zone near Tehran the capital of Iran, established to add new complementary products using for dialysis treatment to the Consortia's product portfolio including medical grade sodium bicarbonates, blood line sets, fistula needle sets and hemodialysis concentrates, to reach to a new level of product diversity.

Prior to this opening, inspectors from special validating commission from Iran Food and Drug Organization (FDO) had visited the company to test the product quality and standard measures and validates all production line including two new products, Rena Cart and Rena Bag. Rena Cart and Rena Bag are two flagship products (Bicarbonate packed in bags and cartridge) which are going to locally manufactured and substitute the European imported products.


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