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Vision And Values


In NixxaMed we, as a team, are working together toward our vision, to become a reliable local and regional provider of healthcare quality products and reliable solutions for our patients, doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinical centers, pharmacies and all the healthcare society with maintaining the following values:

  • Ensure quality in all aspects and activities
  • maintain ethical values in every step
  • Be accountable in our outcome
  • Professionally deliver what we promised
  • Developing trust for our patients, professional community, our partners and authorities of MOH
  • We listen and we care; before we deliver. We keep a close communication in every step of development
  • Competing fairly and respectfully  and winning legitimately and strongly
  • Be scientific while practical in every step of work


Our people are our core strength and reliable advantage to successfully deliver our company’s value. We believe our company values should be internalized and become part of our people’s values and together we can work hard, openly and collaboratively, toward our common purpose and goals.