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Our Partners



  • High Quality Treatment

  • Effectiveness Cost 

  • Patient Satisfaction


Iranian Consortium of Providers for CKD comprises of 4 companies: Meditechsys Co., Pharmed medical industries, NixxaMed Co., and SMARRT. Consortia, focusing on various areas of dialysis particularly CKD, under single board of directors, is trying to make effective steps towards the health of this part of the Iran health programs.
ICPCKD, relying on local capacities and technical support of foreign partners, have aimed to achieve these goals:

  • Diversification of products and services to domestic and specialized products

  • Extensive coverage of products and services to facilitate patient access to medicines and professional services

  • Providing all products and services for dialysis patients, including dialyzers, consumable devices, dialysis machineries, technical and clinical services and other treatments in a single package

  • Enhancing the quality and quantity of production and services

  • Increasing the quality of treatments

  • Reducing the cost of treatments

  • Increasing patient satisfaction

ICPCKD, relying on domestic specialists, is trying to meet the needs of this area of the country's health and provide an abroad horizon of possibilities for all patients.