About Iran Dialysis Consortia



Iranian Dialysis Consortia, is a group of CKD Providers comprises of 4 companies: Meditechsys Co., Pharmed medical industries, NixxaMed Co., and SMARRT. All the group members work together under unified board of leadership based on strategic plan relying on local capacities and technical support of foreign partners to create a single Dialysis Basket to cover all necessary products and services for a Dialysis patient.

Consortia, focusing on various areas of Dialysis  and CKD, and in accordance with Iran Ministry of Health national CKD development programs, has aimed following goals in the first phase of operation:


  • Diversifying products and services in CKD sector, Providing main products and services necessary for dialysis patients, including dialyzers and other consumable devices, specialized pharmaceutical products, dialysis machineries, technical and clinical services and other necessary products in a single package
  • Extensive coverage of demands by providing to major geographical point of demand and facilitating patients’ access to specialized medicines, advance equipments and professional services throughout the major provinces.
  • Enhancing the quality and quantity of
  • treatments by integrating the whole providing process and through single management framework.
  • Reducing the cost of treatments
  • and finally increasing patients’ and doctors’ satisfaction


Consortia, communicating closely with domestic specialists, government authorities and other stakeholders to clearly define the needs and perfectly meet the medical and pharmaceutical requirements for this section. We are keen to discover more possibilities for the country's Dialysis healthcare and create broader horizon and stronger hope for the patients.