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About Us


NixxaMed, a Private Joint Stock company, was established in 2011 as the result of 3rd phase of expansion of operation. It spun out from the mother company, Meditechsys, one of the largest medical manufacturers in Iran and in the region specialized in Dialysis.


NixxaMed scope of business, however is not limited to Dialysis and includes:

  • Dialysis and Renal Disease
  • Thalassemia
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes,
  • Transplant.

In general NixxaMed operation is divided into three areas:

Specialized Pharmaceutical Products,

  • Mostly Focused on Dialysis and CKD, Thalassemia, Cancer, Diabetes, and Transplant
  • Advance Medical Machineries and Devices
  • Research

Meditechsys and Pharmed Medical Industries are two shareholders of NixxaMed and together with NixxaMed and “SMARRT”, another spun out company from Meditechsys, forms a group titled as “Iranian Consortium of Dialysis”. Each of four members of Consortium provides its own specialized products and services to Dialysis and CKD market whilst working together within a combined management and framework to provide quality, cost effective, and integrated basket of “CKD products and services” to the patients. Although each member of Consortia has independent executive team, operating programs and organizational structure, a single board of leadership conducts high level coordination among the members within a framework based on a unified strategic plan.

In other sectors such as Thalassemia, Cancer, Diabetes and Transplant, NixxaMed relies on its strong ties to credible organizations and networks of specialists, doctors, pharmacists, and other stakeholders. Recent progressive healthcare standards and activities in Diabetes in the country, government strategic resolutions to confront increasing rate of Cancer incident and government special supports in Thalassemia and Transplant sectors are all evidences that show the market potential for new pharmaceutical products and projects in Iran. NixxaMed is continuously working to participate in these developing sectors and provide advantageous products and services to these markets.